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Neon Justice

Neon Justice is a fast-paced arcade style game revolving around vehicular combat. Dodge incoming traffic at high speeds and fight to survive against street gangs on a variety of stages.

Don't Get Bombed


Don't Get Bombed

A casual physics-based game where the objective is to avoid bombs and eat as much pizza as humanly possible. Control your character by tilting the device side to side. Try to steer clear of the bombs and explosions, and steer into the pizza instead.
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Definitive Dice Roller

Definitive Dice Roller is a physics-based dice rolling application. Users can select the number and type of dice to roll, and apply touch based commands to delete, lock, roll, or change the color of dice. Suitable for most tabletop games.

       Riff Buddy

Riff Buddy is a free metronome and audio recording application designed for musicians. Set your desired beats-per-minute and time signature settings and record anything you want, or just play along with the metronome. Recorded audio sessions can be saved to your device and played back with seamless looping.

Headphones recommended for optimal recording functionality. 


Arimaa Trainer

Arimaa is one of the fastest growing modern strategy games. Rules are simple and intuitive enough for kids to play easily, yet there is more than enough strategic depth to satisfy the most demanding gamer. If you enjoy challenging games like Chess, Checkers, Go, or Shogi, discover Arimaa and see why it was chosen in the Discovery Channel's list of the Top 10 Mind-bending Strategy Games and also recommended by Scientific American MIND magazine.

Arimaa Puzzles

Puzzles is a version of the Arimaa game that starts from a position where you are only a couple of moves away from victory. You just need to finish the game with as few moves as possible. The easier puzzles can be played very quickly but with the more advanced ones it can be quite a challenge to figure out the winning move. The puzzles in this app come in packs of ten, starting from very easy ones that help you learn the game rules. The easiest puzzles require just one move from you to win the game. When your skills grow you can add more challenging packs from the store.

Three Guys
Three Guys Walk Into a Saloon

3 Guys is a game where you are trying to throw the game characters to a marked target area on the screen. The game idea is simple and you only need one finger for playing, points you earn by speed and style. The guys in the game are made of flexible joints so they can be stacked or twisted and this gives you possibility to earn bonus points. To get max points you need to play fast and get the guys stacked up in twisted positions inside the target area. The game levels are first simple to get you going but the levels become more challenging when you play further.

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Honest Joe Poker

Honest Joe is a robot that plays one-on-one Texas Hold'em poker. The bot is basically a programmed rule base that makes decisions whether to fold, call, bet or raise. Joe is an honest robot that never cheats and is just doing his best by using his artificial intelligence to figure out his own actions based on his own cards and your actions. The game collects statistics of the played hands so you can follow how much better you are than the bot.
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A1 Game Clock

Now you can replace a physical game clock with this inexpensive app that has more features than even the most expensive digital game clock. This app has special support for Chess, Checkers, Draughts, Backgammon and Arimaa, but can be used for any two player game. It provides predefined settings for standard time controls used by FIDE, World Backgammon Association, American Checker Federation, FMJD and other organizations.
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Curl Shots
Curl Shots

Curl Shots is a game on ice loosely adapted from the game of curling. The objective in the game is to launch stones from one end of an ice field and try to hit the target area at the other end of the field.

The tracks are made by adding fixed barricade stones on the ice field which makes it more difficult to hit the target. 
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Dice Jack

Dice Jack is a wacky version of Blackjack played with dice. Roll 3D dice against the dealer and use special abilities to cheat your way to victory and unlock more challenging levels.